Research Counseling and Testing Training
HIV Research Counseling and Testing
HIV Research Counseling and Testing (HRCT) Training, focuses attention on the importance of risk reduction and adherence counseling within biomedical HIV treatment and prevention research. The DAIDS Learning Management System (DAIDS LMS) will be used to access the training for the DAIDS clinical trial network- affiliated clinical trial sites. To learn more about this training, please view the Project Overview Video available on the Resources Page.
What Training is Available?
As core components of this training, learners can access a Training Resource Manual, a Study Guide and 10 interactive e-Learning modules.
  • Module 1 - The Six General Principles of HRCT Counseling
  • Module 2 - Planning the Counseling Session: Assessing Risk
  • Module 3 - Planning the Counseling Session: Negotiating the Intervention
  • Module 4 - Tools of the Client-Centered Counselor
  • Module 5 - Planning the Counseling Session: Disclosing Test Results
  • Module 6 - Closing the Counseling Session and Making Effective Referrals
  • Module 7 - Prevention with Persons Living with HIV (PLWHIV)
  • Module 8 - Debriefing Challenging Counseling Issues
  • Module 9 - Counseling Couples in HIV Clinical Research
  • Module 10 - Adherence Counseling in HIV Clinical Research


Who Should Complete This Training?
NIAID (DAIDS) supported and/or sponsored clinical research site clinicians and counselors responsible for counseling study participants in global clinical research sites.
Why Should I Complete This Training?
If you are a member of a research team conducting risk reduction and/or adherence counseling, this training provides a client-centered, structured approach. It also reinforces the value of neutral assessment of study product use by participants to encourage accurate reporting. Finally, this training provides tools, such as worksheets and checklists that can assist you with your documentation of the counseling completed during your sessions.
How Do I Access the Curriculum?
DAIDS provides global access to web-based training. The HRCT curriculum is accessible through the DAIDS LMS. This system allows learners to track completion of the training and their performance on knowledge self-assessments. On the HRCT resources page, there is an instruction guide that will help you navigate all the necessary elements to access the curriculum and successfully complete this training - HRCT Instruction Guide.
What if I Have Additional Questions?
For questions related to the HIV Research Counseling and Testing Training curriculum, contact the DAIDS CRSS Training Team.
For questions related to the DAIDS Learning Management System, contact DAIDS LMS Support Team.
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This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the Division of AIDS (DAIDS), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under contract No. HHSN272201200009C, entitled NIAID HIV and Other Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Support Services (CRSS).