CRSS Regulatory Services


DAIDS has a Regulatory Support Center (RSC), via a contractor, that provides regulatory support services for the DAIDS clinical trial portfolio.  For more information on the DAIDS RSC, please use the following link: 
Additionally, and in coordination with the DAIDS RSC contractor, the CRSS does offer specialized regulatory support services via subcontracts.  An example of this type of support is the subcontract with a South-African based Clinical Research Organization (CRO) to provide regulatory expertise and serve as the in-country applicant to regulatory authorities for clinical trials in the Pox-Protein Public-Private Partnership (P5) portfolio, and other DAIDS-sponsored or affiliated trials conducted in South Africa.  
Another available NIAID regulatory resource is “ClinRegs”, which is an online database of country-specific clinical research regulatory information designed with countries and topics based on NIAID's international clinical research priorities. For more information, please use the following link:

Have comments, questions or problems? Email the DAIDS CRSS Support Desk.