[Promoting the construction reform of the industry workers team] Competition aiming on technical puzzles and experts

[Promoting the construction reform of the industry workers team] Competition aiming on technical puzzles and experts

Since this year, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Federation has taken advantage of the "Industrial Workers’ Team Reform" as an opportunity, combined with Xinjiang’s actual situation, adhere to the reform of industry workers, and vigorously improve the technical skills of industry workers, and organize the majority of industry workers to promote high quality development. Just successively. "To carry out a good labor and skill competition, it is necessary to combine technical innovation, especially the ‘card neck’, as the core content, guiding employees to participate in enterprise technology innovation, to raise innovation capabilities for employees, and cultivate innovation results to build the establishment and establishment and establishment platform." Autonomous Region The relevant person in charge of the trade union told reporters that this year, the Self-Government Federation of Trade Unions around the "mass, leadership, creativity", and focus on building a high-quality industry worker team.

In terms of mass development, the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions has judged technological innovation, inventive creation, rationalization suggestions and "small inventions, small creation, small innovation, small design, small suggestions", and selection of 30,000 "five". The small "event excellent innovation results, selected from the" five small "activities exquisite innovation results, and show exchanges in employee innovation activities. In terms of leading sex, we will build a work platform for the promotion of labor model, labor spirit, craftsmen, and build 1000 outstanding achievements, including 1,000 outstanding achievements, listed in the Excellent Innovation of the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions, and build innovation Achieve transformation platform.

In creativity, the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions encourages technology and skills, and large-scale craftsmen and other technological creation activities, the major needs of high-quality development in the autonomous region, and the frontier technology of the "card", the industry, the "card neck" of the autonomous region. Core technology, key components, important materials and processes, etc., vigorously carry out innovation activities.

100 excellent innovation projects will be selected throughout the year. Since this year, the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions focus on the national and autonomous regions "14th Five-Year" major development strategy, especially the five major industries, coal coal chemicals, electricity, textile and apparel, tourism, etc. of the autonomous region, and organize "Success’" 14 "10 + N" labor and skill competition in the top theme, and set up special labor and skill competition prize funds, incentive to guide the majority of employees in the whole district to build a job industry, actively participate in the main battlefield of Xinjiang high-quality development. In order to promote the construction of the core area of ??the Silk Road injecting strong power.

With the convening of the Top Ten Industrial Competitions in Xinjiang, the top ten industrial competitions in Xinjiang, which will be willing to join the party. At present, all kinds of labor and skills competitions in the whole district have been carried out 370, covering 3,276 units, and more than 10,000 people participate in the competition. At the same time, the emphasis on the promotion of the Autonomous Region Federation of Trade Unions and the Autonomous Region Association, has also been officially launched.