Winning the Historical Active in High Quality Development – A Review of China ‘s Economic Economic Review in the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping

Winning the Historical Active in High Quality Development – A Review of China ‘s Economic Economic Review in the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping

From the China high-speed rail Mercedes-Benz Shenzhou University, the C919 large passenger plane flew on the blue sky, and the "China’s Day Eyes" was completed, the Beidou Navigation System was officially opened, 5G achieved breakthrough progress, from quantum, stem cell research in-depth "unmanned area" to big data, artificial Intelligent empowerment, high quality development … In the past 9 years, Comrade Xi Jinping implemented innovative driving development strategy, made a major decision-making deployment in the construction of world science and technology strong countries, and promoting the accumulation of my country’s scientific and technological strength, from The breakthrough of points is moving towards the system capacity, so that the source of innovation is continuous. Building a beautiful China with green development. Qilian Mountain, watching the Ecological barrier of the Hedong Corridor, because of "Black Growth History", the frozen soil is broken, the vegetation is sparse, and the local ecology is seriously damaged. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Today, the new energy industry along the line "is unlimited", gradually fulfilling "rich".

In August 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when the Gansu examined that as long as the concept of new development, green water can become Jinshan Yinshan.

The construction of ecological civilization is incorporated into the overall layout of the "five-in-one", declared China’s carbon Damu, carbon neutralization target, "beautiful" in writing to socialist modern power … A series of top-level design mapping green development concept is deeply rooted.

In coordinated development, the imbalance problem solves the development of the development, solves the problem of joint development in the development of the development, solving the social fairness and justice problem in sharing development … The new development concept continues to answer the purpose, power, way, path and other issues, guide my country’s economic development has continued to take new steps and show new weather. The concept is the leader of action, the whole game, the role, the direction of the pipe, the long-term management. On the new journey, the new development concept is leading the broad avenue of China’s economy to high-quality development – "The development of new era must implement the concept of new development, must be high quality development"; "New development concept and high quality development It is inherently unified, high quality development is the development of new development philosophy; "the whole party must be complete, accurate, fully implementing the new development concept" … Xi Jinping’s general secretary, passing a distinct pointing: "Ten Four Five-Year Plan for a longer period of time, with the concept of new development, high-quality development themes should reflect all areas and whole processes in national development. The new concept leads high quality development, and fully deepening the reform to make market vitality fully release. In 2013, the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China passed the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on" a number of major issues in a comprehensive reform ", and painted a grand blueprint for the whole reform. "Enables markets to determine the role in resource allocation and better government role."

From "basic role" to "decisive role", this major change, highlights the party’s regular understanding of the socialist market economy in China.

System integration, overall advancement. Adhere to the correct direction of comprehensive deepening reforms, no loss of key field reform, General Secretary Xi Jinping on the far-reaching planning, overall deployment of the reform of the economic field, and fully highlight the superiority of the socialist system.

Focus on building a high-level socialist market economy system, adhere to the "two unshakes", to protect property rights according to law, carry forward the deployment of entrepreneurship, implement national unified market access negative list system; correctly handle government and market relations, promote The effective market is better combined with the government, deepens the "venting service" reform, continuous optimization of business environment; the reform of the fiscal system, the reform of the state-owned enterprise, the reform of rural reform, and the reform of the rural reform will be deeper, and the new space of the development of the development, Beijing The development of the Yangtze, the development of the Yangtze River economy, the construction of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District, the long triangle integrated development, the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Regional Major Strategy Dynasty Link, Western Development, Northeast China Rise, East China, East The lead in developing coordination, the development of the land space layout further optimizes, promoting the national unified market acceleration; focusing on the development of roots, coordinating development and safety, focusing public health, creatures, food, energy, finance, network, disaster prevention, preparation, social governance In the fields, make up shortboard, blocking holes, strong weakness, active as … "What is the people concerned, what is expected, what is the reform, and what to promote, through reforms brings more gains to the people." Responding to the major and pressing problems faced by China, responding to the people’s towards, General Secretary Xi Jinping follows the economic law, natural law, social law, and make a series of theoretical summation and strategic deployment on China’s economic development, and continuous development New space. "It is necessary to achieve innovation into the first motivation, coordinate becoming an endogenous characteristics, green becoming a universal form, opening up into the road, sharing the high-quality development of fundamental purposes, promoting the quality of economic development, efficiency change, power change.

"The Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session Resolution is emphasized. This is a deep historical self-confidence. It is also a deep development. Shanghai Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, into the browseard, Afghan carpet Ali is busy showing consumers to show Afghanistan.