[Outer Review] US stocks rising international oil prices have fallen

[Outer Review] US stocks rising international oil prices have fallen

[] The three major stock indexes of the US stock market rose 16 days. Due to the expected oil market supply is expected to improve, the international crude oil futures price will fall in 16 days.

  The three major stock markets in the New York stock year increased the popularity of the market due to better economic data and retail corporate performance, and the three major stock indexes of the New York were rising on the 16th. As of the next day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average Opera Near, closed, the increase of%.

Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index rose, closed, the increase of%.

The Nasdaq integrated index rose points, closed, and the increase is%.

  The US Department of Commerce announced in the same day, the US retail and food service industry sales in October was $ 638.2 billion, an increase of% in the previous month, significantly higher than the market expected and upward revised%.

Deducting motor vehicles and gasoline, in October retail and food service industry sales volume increased by%, higher than the market expected% and subsequently revised down in September. The data released on the same day shows that the US Industrial Production Index increased by the October, which was higher than the market expected, and this index in September decreased.

In October, the US industrial capacity utilization rate is% higher than the market expectation% and September. McLVord, general manager of US brokerage business, is responsible for the investment strategy, said that inflation does not hinder consumer spending in a strong performance of retail data. "This can be used as a US economy still continues to show good signs, boosted investors’ confidence." Aspect, home brand home beta announced the results announced on the same day, the company implemented a profit per share in the third quarter, higher than market expectations Dollar. In the same period, the company achieved business income billions of US dollars, higher than the market expectation. The price of households in House has risen by the same day. The European stocks rose, the London stock market "Financial Times" 100 stock average price index is reported on the 16th, which is more than the previous trading day, which is%. The three major stock indexes in Europe did not fall. In terms of stocks, the London stock market constituency in the London stock market led the stock, and the top five stocks were: Vodafone Group’s share price rising, the share price of the commercial property company Land Securities Group rose, the real estate business British land company stock price rose, Aveva Group’s share price rose, security and quality inspection service Shang Tianxiang Group stock price rose. On the same day, London stock market constituents led the decline, located in the top five stocks of the fall as: information technology company "dark mark", the share price of the company, the share price of Aslikang Pharmaceutical Company fell%, software company Saiqi stock price fell% , The United Kingdom Food Group’s share price fell by the share price, and the share price of Glanmu Take Corporation fell.

  In other two major major stock indexes in Europe, the French Paris stock market CAC40 index is reported to the point, the increase in the previous trading day, which is%; the Dax index of the German Frankfurt stock market is reported, and the top of the previous trading day, gains %.

  Oil prices have fallen. Due to the expected oil market supply is expected to improve, the international crude oil futures price will fall in 16 days.

  As at the same day, the Light crude oil futures prices of the New York Mercantile Exchange decreased in the dollar in December 2021, and closed the US dollar per barrel, the decline was%. The London Brent crude oil futures prices in January 2022 rose dollars, and they closed the dollars per barrel, the increase of%.

  The OPEC Secretary-General Barkin said on the 16th that the Global Oil Market will turn over from the supply in December to supply overcapacity, which is the cause of oil production policies in the future.

  Balkin said that the excess supply in December has begun, which is the signal that OPEC needs very careful. The prediction shows that there may be overproduction next year.

  International Energy Agency said in the November oil market report released on the 16th that the driving factors of the oil market have begun to transfer, and the baseline price is falling. Although all indicators show that the global oil market is still tight, oil prices may be slow, which is not due to the decline in demand, but due to the increase in supply.

  International Energy Agency said that oil prices are high in stimulating the United States to increase supply, and global oil supply will increase by 1.5 million barrels per day in November and December. The US supply increase is expected to supply increased supply growth in Saudi-Russia. For 330,000 barrels / day.

After the Hurricane Aida brings an impact on the United States, the global oil supply has increased by 1.4 million barrels per day in October.

  The International Energy Department said that the weakening of industrial production activities and high oil prices itself will increase oil prices. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.